AT&T – The Unlimited Effect

Foreign Fields – “Take Cover”

Bastille – “Send Them Off!”

Quilted Northern – Rustic Weave

Credit Karma

EZ Pass

Tinder Plus+

Canon PIXMA “Never Again”



Arizona Elections


Super Micro

212 Green: Too Tight


Tom in America

Tiffany and Co.



Man Among Boys

Big Demon Promise

Le Village

The Vigilante

Director of Photography - Jordan T. Parrott

Comcast “What It Takes”

Jordan T. Parrott | Cinematographer. Director of Photography


Jordan T. Parrott is an award winning Cinematographer and graduate of Emerson College’s Film Program.

Making movies came later in life for Jordan, he changed majors while at Emerson College, switching into the prestigious film program after watching Sergio Leone’s Once Upon a Time in the West. He is a prolific narrative and commercial Director of Photography, having shot over 20 short films that have played at film festivals worldwide. A recent short film, Tom in America, has earned him recognition for the Indie Soul Best Cinematography Award at the Boston International Film Festival – the film starred Academy Award-nominees Burt Young (Rocky) and Sally Kirkland (JFK, Anna).

Jordan has an extensive client list including Canon, Tinder, Quilted Northern, Credit Karma, Ford, Comcast, Walgreens, ABC, YMCA, Capcom, JP Morgan Chase, Blackberry, and Penske.